Giving Back - Helping Those In Need

The Artistic Whisk gladly supports the following community programs:


Pinellas Hope

"I love that they raise money to build these efficiency units that can withstand category 4 hurricanes. Their residents are drug tested, they feed and clothes the homeless, and they even provide education while they're being housed.. GED and SPC classes are onsite. It's a wonderful organization."

- Jovana


Each week, The Artistic Whisk provides 30 - 40lbs of left over cake to Pinellas Hope.  Where does this cake come from?  We use sheet pans to bake all our cakes.  The reason for baking in sheets instead of round pans is to ensure the cake cooks faster, is more moist and that the layers are consistent.  However, in order to make the custom shapes, we have to cut the cake. This results in a TON (figuratively, not literally ;) of leftover cake.  Instead of wasting this perfectly good cake, we love the idea of donating it to hopefully make someone's day better.


If you'd like to learn more about Pinellas Hope or donate to their charity, please click Here