Does The Artistic Whisk have wedding cake tastings?

  • Yes! Our wedding cake tastings are complimentary up to 4 people, and are scheduled by appointment only.

What days of the week do you offer wedding cake tastings?

  • Tuesdays through Fridays.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we have tasting starting times from 11 am through 8 pm.  On Wednesdays and Fridays we have tasting starting times from 11 am through 6 pm. 

How far in advance should I schedule a cake tasting?

  • We recommend scheduling a cake tasting as soon as you can. Sometimes it can take 1-2 months just to get in for a tasting. We also book up for weddings sometimes several months in advance, depending on the time of year.  6-12 months before your wedding date is ideal.

When is Wedding Season here in the Tampa Bay Area?

  • March, April, May, October, and November are our busiest months for weddings here in Tampa Bay.  If your wedding date falls in any of these months, please be sure to secure all of your wedding vendors as soon as possible.

How long is your cake tasting?

  • Our cake tastings typically last around an hour.

What should I bring to a cake tasting?

  • We recommend that you bring anything that we can use to help inspire your dream wedding cake: ie. Color swatches, pictures of cakes from magazines or the internet, invitations, save-the-dates, pictures of your dress, centerpiece ideas, Pinterest Boards.
  • Most importantly, remember to bring your appetite!

Do we need to pay a deposit at the tasting?

  • NOPE!  We want the cake tasting to be an enjoyable experience!  We do not like to pressure anyone to make a sale ever, the entire goal of our cake tasting to get to know you and your vision, and make it into a reality. 
  • We will give you an estimate either at the tasting or a day or two afterwards which will be good for 30 days.
  • We book our cakes on a first deposit paid basis, so the sooner you pay the deposit, the better.
  • If you are more than 1 hour late for your tasting appointment, your session will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule.

What can you do if someone wasn’t able to make the tasting appointment?

  • If someone couldn’t make the appointment for any reason, we usually box up a portion of the tasting so that you can take it home for them to taste at a later time.
  • We only offer 1 complimentary tasting per event.

Do you offer tastings To-Go?

  • We can if necessary, although we prefer to have tastings face-to-face. This way we get to explain everything in detail, answer any questions, and most importantly, get to know you!

What information about my wedding do I need in order to schedule a cake tasting?

  • In order to schedule a cake tasting with us, first you’ll need to secure your venue and wedding date.

How much is a cake tasting?

  • Wedding cake tastings are FREE! Yes, 100% complimentary, up to 4 people.
  • The cost per additional person attending the tasting is $10 each, with a maximum of 6 people total. ($20)
  • Celebration cake tastings are $30 per tasting, up to 4 people, which will be applied to your cake if you decide to book our services for your event.

How much is your deposit?

  • Our deposit is 40% non-refundable
  • The remaining balance is due at least 2 weeks before the day of the event.

Do you make party cakes too or offer cake tastings for celebration cakes?

  • Yes! We make cakes for all different types of celebratory events.
  • Cake tastings for celebration cakes are $30 which will go towards the cake if using our services.

How much notice do you need in order to purchase a custom cake?

  • This is a great question! Because everything we do is custom made, we NEED a minimum of 2 weeks notice. We always have lots of questions as we want to make sure we get all of our details correct, ingredients and supplies ordered, and payments received and processed.


Is there a delivery fee?

  • Yes, we do have a delivery fee. Wedding cake delivery starts at $50, and we typically bring 2 people to deliver every cake.
  • The delivery rate may increase due to mileage and busy holiday weekends, as well as high traffic volume on certain days.
  • Delivery for other cakes and desserts starts at $25.

Can I pick up my wedding cake or have someone else pick it up?

  • For all tiered cakes, we HIGHLY recommend that we deliver the cake. Honestly, delivering our hard work is the most stressful part of the job, and we wouldn’t want to place that burden on anyone else.
  • PLUS, when we deliver the cake we bring a repair kit full of extra icing, piping tips, spatulas, etc. to ensure that your cake looks absolutely perfect upon delivery.
  • If you still choose to have the cake picked up, the answer is no, we will not come to fix the cake should anything happen. You assume all risk.

How are your cakes priced?

  • Our cakes are priced per person, rather than per tier.
  • Our wedding cakes currently start at $7 per person, unless we are on the vendor list at your wedding venue. We offer special pricing and packages for a number of local hotels, venues, and even wedding planners that we work with in our area.

What are some of the local wedding venues that you work with that offer special pricing or packages?

  • Some of the venues that we work with most and offer the best deals with include, but are not limited to –Tradewinds, Sirata, Bilmar, Rusty Pelican, Wentworth, Feathersound Country Club, Marriott Airport, Kapok, etc.
  • Please feel free to call us and see if we have a special pricing package for your wedding venue!

Are your wedding cakes ever included in any venue packages?

  • Yes! This is new for us, but sometimes our cakes are actually INCLUDED in your wedding package at certain venues in the area. Here are a few: Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Wyndham Grand on Clearwater Beach

What is the average cost of your wedding cakes?

  • Our wedding cakes have been averaging around $8-10 per person.

Do you have a minimum order?

  • Yes. Our minimum for custom cakes is $300
  • Our minimum for wedding cakes is $500 (includes Anniversary Tier)
  • If you are a past client of ours, we waive the minimum for future orders!

What decoration is included in your cakes?

  • We include a lot of decorations when you purchase a custom cake. Fondant is additional but the décor may be included.
  • Some examples include: Naked cakes, semi naked, smooth buttercream, textured buttercream, cross-hatching (mattress look), airbrushing, some piped designs.

What do you charge per hour of decorating?

  • $60 per hour, after the included hours (based on flavors chosen)

Who adds the flowers on the cake?

  • If using fresh flowers, they are provided by your florist.
  • Most of the time, we arrange the flowers on the cake when we deliver the cake to the venue.
  • Sometimes the florist will add the flowers themselves after we deliver the cake.
  • If you like edible sugar flowers, we will make those and add them to the cake on site.

Do you create custom designs or do we have to choose from pre-existing designs?

  • Creating new designs is our favorite thing to do!  You can certainly use previously made cakes for inspiration, but we really want to create a one-of-a-kind cake just for you.

Is there any type of designs that you don’t do?

  • We do NOT make people figurines. We are never satisfied with the final outcome, so we would rather stick to what we’re good at! Animal figurines are totally doable for us.

Do you offer just desserts or wedding favors or do we need to purchase a cake too?

  • As long as you meet our minimums, we will make you just desserts or favors, whatever it is you are looking for. Or, we’ll help you find the vendor that will best fit your needs.

Do you have any cakes or desserts readily available?

  • No, unfortunately we do not have anything readily available. We only bake what we have orders for. One day we’ll have a retail space!

Do you have any display cakes that I can rent for my event?

  • We do! You MUST purchase a minimum of 100 servings of sheet cake in order to rent one of our display cakes.

Do you work with fondant and how much does it cost?

  • Yes we do! We think it’s a fun medium.
  • Fondant is $1 per serving, and it does not need to be applied to all tiers. We mix and match buttercream and fondant tiers all the time.

What if I don’t like the taste of fondant?

  • No worries! Fondant is only supposed to be used for aesthetic purposes. Most venues/catering companies know to remove and discard the fondant before the cake is cut and served to your guests… if they don’t know, we’ll inform them!
  • Our cakes are first iced in our Swiss Meringue Buttercream, then the fondant is rolled over top.. This way when the fondant is removed, the buttercream is left on the cake for your guests to enjoy while eating their slice of deliciousness.

What types of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash, check, money orders, or credit cards
  • There is a 3% service fee for all debit/credit card transactions

Do you create custom flavors?

  • Yes we do! If you have a flavor in mind that you don’t see on our list, by all means, let us know! We love a challenge and we love being creative.
  • There is a cost for creating a new flavor, as it takes us several attempts to get it right. $30 per additional flavor if we make it for you to taste.

I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?

  • Most likely!! We love challenges, and making people happy!
  • We sterilize our work surfaces, mixers, utensils, bowls, etc to make it as clean and free of allergens as possible.
  • We offer Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Alcohol-Free, Nut-Free, and VEGAN options.  All of which are ALL-NATURAL!
  • Sugar Free and Paleo/carb-free is not our specialty, our apologies!

Do you have cake stands available for rent?

  • Cake stands are INCLUDED with ALL wedding cakes 😊 You MUST fill out a cake stand agreement however. No deposit necessary.
  • If you are purchasing a celebration cake from us, you may also rent a cake stand.. $25-$50 rental

Do you sell cake toppers?

  • We do not sell cake toppers, however we recommend Etsy, or
  • We also make some cake toppers including but not limited to: Chocolate Coral, Custom Mermaid toppers, Starfish, Seahorses, Animal Figurines, Sugar Flowers, Initials, Bows, Etc..

How many Wedding Cakes do you make?

  • We are a quickly growing bakery! In 2015, our 1st year (only open 10 months), we booked 35 wedding cakes. In 2016, we booked just over 150 weddings. In 2017, we closed out the year with 200 weddings on the books. This is our target number as we don’t want to become a cake Factory.
  • We average 4 weddings per weekend. The most weddings we’ve done in 1 weekend has been 9, which is our preferred maximum. Because our cakes are so labor intensive and we take our time making sure all of the details are perfect, 4-7 weddings per weekend is our goal.

Now that I have the cake, where do I store it?

  • It is best to keep the cake refrigerated, however, our cakes are best served room temperature because we use real butter in our buttercream .. (just like a stick of butter at home; when it’s cold it’s firm, and then softens to a creamy consistency when room temp) Cupcakes will come to room temperature in 1 hour, larger cakes can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to soften up. If you keep your cake wrapped or boxed in the refrigerator they can last up to 10 days. Some cakes may be kept up to 1 week room temperature, but it greatly depends on the type of filling.

How do I preserve and thaw my 1st year anniversary cake?

  • Ask a responsible person to take the top tier home. First, the cake box (provided by us which we give to the catering manager when we deliver the cake) to contain the anniversary tier it needs to be wrapped in plastic wrap several times, then placed in the freezer. This will preserve the taste and texture of the cake.
    • Caution: never keep the cake in a frost-free freezer because the constant defrosting will draw the moisture out of the cake. If you are moving within the year of your anniversary, leave the cake in a family member or friend’s freezer after the wedding to avoid moving your cake, therefore thawing it temporarily.
  • Do not remove the cake from the freezer for any reason! If the power goes out and your freezer begins to warm, you must enjoy your cake earlier than anticipated.
  • IMPORTANT! 2-3 days before you intend to eat your anniversary tier, you must first remove the cake from the freezer and thaw in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours (still in the box)
  • Once the cake has thawed in the fridge, place the box on the kitchen counter or table and allow the cake to come to room temperature, at least 3-4 hours. Your cake will be as tasty as the day of your wedding. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!!

What is your delivery radius?

  • We regularly deliver cakes all around the Tampa Bay Area including St. Pete, all the surrounding beaches, Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota.. basically, all of the surrounding counties.
  • However, we will honestly deliver ANYWHERE. You must meet the minimum order for us to travel beyond Lakeland. Orlando and Naples have a $1,000 minimum order and a delivery fee of $250.  We will travel to the Keys, other states, and beyond, but please understand that these prices and minimums will be based on our availability, time of year, and travel expenses. Please contact us to discuss custom delivery pricing.

Where are you located?

  • 11873 34th St. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33716
  • It’s been determined that most GPS’s dislike our location and aren’t quite sure where to put us on the map. Here’s a couple of helpful tips…
    • We are located near the corner of 118th Avenue and 34th St. N (NOT U.S. 19)
    • We are near the exit/on ramp to I-275 on 118th Avenue
    • 34th St. has a light at the overpass on 118th Avenue
    • We are on the NE corner of the intersection with the overpass, behind the large yellow building that says ‘Fantis’
    • Look for the sign that says “Pinellas Workshop Center”
    • We are in a warehouse type facility, not a retail bakery location. The building is white, with black awnings.

We look forward to meeting you!