LuAnn Unietis  


LuAnn Unietis ~ Office Manager

Originally from Pennsylvania, LuAnn moved to Florida in 1979.  She met her husband, Scott, while here in Florida and were married in 1984.  Scott and LuAnn became proud parents to two amazing daughters, Jovana in 1986 and Schaneal in 1987. 

LuAnn was self employed for many years and has had experience both with office work as well as customer service.  LuAnn was one of the original owners of The Happy Scrapper scrapbook store in Seminole which was sold in 2008, after 7 wonderful years in business.  After her mom fell ill she forayed into healthcare when she graciously took care of her Mom 24 hours a day.  It was very rewarding yet mentally and physically exhausting.  Over the years taking care of her mom, she realized that she really missed working with people and within a happy work environment.  So, when Jovana asked her to become her Office Manager in 2016, she says she ‘jumped’ at the chance to work with her!  Who wouldn’t want to work with their daughter?!  The Artistic Whisk is such a happy place to be! LuAnn says that the people who work here are wonderful and the clients that we bake for are the sweetest.  LuAnn says, ” I work at the greatest place on earth!“