Desserts and Favors are some of our favorite things to make! Owner and Chief Pastry Artist, Jovana, shares her passions of sweets, art, design, and miniatures when it comes to our dessert bars. We take into consideration your favorite flavor combinations, color scheme, childhood favorites, and overall theme to create the perfect look, feels, and flavors for your guests to enjoy .. both visually and with their taste buds :) Every detail is perfectly planned; from the dessert options, to the décor, to the type of shelving, candles, display set up, tent cards, garnishes, etc. All of the desserts are customized (even if you don’t see it on our menu) and are all made from scratch. Our biggest seller is our mini cheesecakes.. available in literally any flavor.. from Raspberry, to Pumpkin, to Chocolate, Key Lime Blueberry, to Whiskey Caramel .. yum! 

We also have a wide variety of edible favors and welcome gifts .. from decorated Cookies, to 1-4 piece boxes of edible goodies, to clam shell French Macarons.. Wow the possibilities! Please take a look through the gallery and menu to gather ideas.. see something you like online or in a magazine? We can create it for you :)